by Dowzer

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Dowzer's 4th release / 3rd full length. Recorded by Jasper van den Broek in the summer of 2014 in Sprundel Rock City!


released September 29, 2014

Music+words by Dowzer: www.dowzerpunkrock.com
CD/Digital by No Panic! Records: www.nopanicrecords.com
Tape release by Trilob Records: facebook.com/trilobrecords



all rights reserved


Dowzer Breda, The Netherlands

Dowzer has created their own blend of punkrock which pops with melody and vocal harmonies and bursts with power and versatility. After playing shows all over Europe, putting out records reaching from Breda to Tokyo,Japan and gaining experience from former bands (New Pokerface, Harsh Realms, This City Shines) they've grown to a band you shouldn’t miss out on. ... more


  • Oct 06
    Breda, Netherlands

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Track Name: Choke On Your Envy
You’ll never understand it’s killing me. My stomach’s turning every time you spit out words, based on your lessons learned in life. well, I’m still wondering: did you ever leave this shitty town to prove I’m wrong?

I’ll never comprehend your misery. I’m not an optimist, but everything you see, will fail or die or not succeed. Well, I stopped caring. Just be the one you wanted to be.

Choke on your envy! Drown in your jealousy! You don’t want what I have, you just hate the fact I do. Choke on your envy! Drown in your jealousy! You don’t have what I’ve got. You’ve just lost your dignity.

Too late for you to realize I see this world through different eyes. maybe I could be in time, try to avoid this brain decay you show me every single day. Just don’t expect me to stay.
Track Name: My Number One
How can I make this clear to you?
I’ve shown respect for every single flaw you have.
(You have) kept me waiting, I’ve seen flowers grow and die.
So what’s your alibi?

Losing count of all the times I’ve asked you to
lose the attitude and gain some manners too.
Trying to forget what you’ve forgot,
but it seems harder than I thought.

I don’t feel sorry for you anymore, not like I did before.
I don’t feel sorry for you anymore, not like I did no.
Nice guys finish last and I'm getting sick of this rat race
where you will always be my number one.
Track Name: Bottomless Pits
My back up against the wall. Am I the one who’s taking the fall, like before? Getting used to taking punches, even inside i’m black and blue. And these broken promises are overdue.

I tried to reach the end of these bottomless pits to find a remedy for me to turn a blind eye to all their actions, small disasters, disappointment!

My back up against the wall. am I the one taking the fall? Again, like before, like every time? I may be safe, but it’s the aftertaste I hate the most of all. I can barely wash it down.
Track Name: What They Want
I don’t want to take a trip down to memory lane. I don’t have the urge to feel the same as them. I don’t have to be better than anyone, so fuck you and your high school reunion. I don’t have to celebrate those days that I still hate.

I’ve got my head kicked in by the coolest kids. I didn’t give a shit about giving in. We won’t save the world by being honest, cause conformity is what they want.

Now it’s high school all over again. seems like this peer pressure will never end. I thought we would overthrow this high school status quo.
Track Name: Bricks
I can pile up words here. explain a thing or two. But I could never break through this thick, brick wall of yours. Built on greener grass. Bricks stacked to the sky, so you can look down. you can look down on me.

It’s easier to trust what others do and say. No matter what you do, don’t put your faith in me. Bury your mistakes and cherish what it takes to point your finger towards me, my friend. And I’ll face these bricks again.

Try to convince me that you could right the wrongs. Tell me, where do these bricks belong? Now you want advice, but in your heart you don’t. Yes,Ii really tried, but all results went down the drain.

Bury your mistakes and cherish what it takes.
Track Name: Same Four Chords
Sometimes I want to wake up with every problem solved. This daily grind will never end. It’s time for me to take action, but i’m petrified. My motivation slips through my fingers like sand.

Back to the drawing board again. Back to the same four fucking chords.
The search for something new seems to be getting old. Back to the same.

I wish that I could go to sleep without a single doubt. How can I face tomorrow? I really have to burn this bridge all by myself, but I’m still stuck on repeat.

Every single minute I wanna break these concrete habits, but days are passing by and I’m still here.
Track Name: Trembling Hands
I’m locked inside this room and I’m dreaming of escaping, but dreams won’t get me anywhere but here. Why do I keep fooling myself? I’m holding the key.

Giant plans, but never action. Now I cope with dissatisfaction. I keep telling myself fairytales and I can’t stop believing.

The key does fit the lock, but with trembling hands it’s hard to
open doors to better places than this one. Why do I keep fooling myself? This hell became my home.
Track Name: From The Heart
Every time I look around, I see the kids and hear them shout:
’We run from majority and call ourselves minority!’ In single file they chant together: ’I’m myself, just like you!’ They don’t know they have become their own worst enemy. They sing their songs, but they don’t know what they’re saying. They’ve got ideals, but they’re already fading.

I do not understand, how is this from the heart? It seems like a big show from the start. I do not understand, how is this from the heart? Just get in line, but I won’t take part...

of this narrowminded scene, their borders and their boundaries. ‘We’re the kids and we’re united! Get in line, don’t try to fight it!’ Once again the tables are turning. I can smell another trend burning. ‘Throw your fist in the air! We don’t know why, but should we care?’

‘Stay true’. Well, that is what I’ll do, when you trade yourself for someone new once again and again and again and again!
Track Name: Pulling The Strings
I thought I would never leave. Well, I was right, cause I’m still here. I lost my guts a long time ago and all what’s left is a show.

Still I’m the puppet and not the one. Thought I was close, but still far gone. I’m not the one pulling the strings. I wanna break but I hardly bend. It’s like a story that never ends. Thought I would float but I am sinking.

I’ve said I’m never coming back. For the fifth time in a row I will eat my words again. I am aware of the burden I will share. I’ll have to make this work, but it’s only getting worse.

He knew he would never lose. he wasn’t wrong. I’ll never win this game that has been played for far too long. I wanna stop but I carry on.
Track Name: Sugarcoated
Why does everyone pretend there will be a happy end to every single story that has been told? It makes reality feel so cold. And all their stupid stories seem sugarcoated lies to me.

Why does everyone ignore you won’t get what you’re looking for, when you’ll just sit and wait? You’ll turn into dust. Please stay in your dreams if you must, but all their stupid stories seem sugarcoated lies to me.

Now do not pull me under. We are nothing more than a ten digit number and this whole society seems like a lie to me.